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bodybuilding mistakes

Bodybuilding Mistakes To Gain Muscle Mass

Growing bigger is easier said than done. If you have a 9-5 job and a long commute, you know that putting on size is a tedious job. You need to eat, strictly watch what you eat and keep eating throughout the day. But everyone can slack; if you aren’t able to pack on muscle, pay attention to these and try to fix the loopholes.Bodybuilding Mistakes

 You Suck At Eating Big And Eating Clean

Gain Muscle

If you want to grow, eat like a power-lifter, not like a runway model.  It is necessary to get into a calorie surplus and three puny meals a day wouldn’t cut it. Make it a point to consume a heavy home-cooked carb, protein and fat-rich meal at least six times a day. Oats, bananas, full-fat milk, dairy products and dry fruits should be your best friends. Eat every 2 hours and or at max, three. Stay away from junk foods. They are calorie-dense but those calories will only make you fat.    Bodybuilding Mistakes

 You Are Ignoring Pre-Workout Meals

Gain Muscle

No, your pre-workout supplement is not what I am talking about. I am talking about a proper meal. Make it a point to consume a protein- and carb-rich meal at least 30 minutes before going into your workout. Majority of protein synthesis occurs during the workout and not after. A calorie-dense shake made of full-fat milk, dry fruits, a scoop of whey and oats is also a good option. Never workout on an empty stomach!       Bodybuilding Mistakes

 You Train The Same Every Day And Lack Intensity

Gain Muscle

Shock your muscles to make them grow. Muscles need to recover before you work them again. The lesser the rest, the worst is the recovery, and hence, diminished muscle growth. Also, stop socializing in the gym and focus on your workout. The longer ‘selfie’ or useless ‘gossip’ breaks you take, the more intensity you lose in your set. Shorter breaks lead to continued intensity.     Bodybuilding Mistakes

You Are Avoiding The Exercise That You Hate

Gain Muscle

Comfort zone is one place that will never let you grow. Don’t run from the exercises that haunt you. Do them. Weak muscles only become stronger if you work them harder. Write down your weak link and slowly but steadily work on them. The gains will blow your mind! Bodybuilding Mistakes

Training Is A Religion, And You Are Not Following

bodybuilding mistakes

Changing your body isn’t a day’s job. It takes patience and an undying will. Excuses won’t lead you anywhere; perseverance will. Be consistent. Train smart. Eat clean. Go beast mode in the gym. And be patient, muscle growth takes time to show.Bodybuilding Mistakes

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