8 Delicious Ways to Use Garlic in Every Meal of the Day


There are many health benefits linked to garlic consumption including being associated with lower cholesterol, improved circulation, heart-healthy benefits, reduction in cancer risk, and lower blood pressure. The phytochemicals found in garlic, Sulfides, are associated with maintaining a healthy immune system, and heart health. In addition to providing phytochemicals, garlic …

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Want a Better Butt? Ditch the Treadmill


Have you ever noticed how runners tend to have flatter butts than people who engage in a lot of resistance training? It’s such an odd thing to think about, but the truth is that spending a lot of time doing cardio, walking, or running on the treadmill can actually give …

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Wingardium Vinyasa: Get Fit with Harry Potter Yoga

Harry Potter Yoga

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of yoga, and Harry Potter may be just what you need to get inspired to hit the mat. This type of sculpting workout takes basic yoga moves and transforms them into “Harry Potter” positions. You can even dress the part of Harry Potter …

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7 Reasons You’re Bloated


You don’t eat processed foods or fatty foods. You don’t drink soda or smoke. You’ve tried cutting out dairy products and gluten. But nothing seems to change your frequently bloated belly. Unfortunately, diagnosing the reason behind your swollen stomach isn’t easy — there are virtually hundreds of factors which can …

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5 Best Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

The concept of Acupressure involves the flow of life energy through ‘meridians’ in our body. When it comes to the Acupressure treatment, physical pressure is applied on the pressure points (selective areas of our body) with the aim of getting relieved from the pain (problem). You may use hand, elbow …

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Namasdrake Plus 7 More of the Strangest Workout Classes


From very specific music choices to crazy acrobatics, there is pretty much a workout class for that in any major city. Basically, if it can get people moving, then it’s probably a workout class somewhere. Take a look at some of the strangest workout classes. 1. If you like the …

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How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers Really?

Fitness Trackers

These days, fitness trackers like the Fitbit aren’t that difficult to come by. It may seem like everyone and their grandmother has one, and you may even own one yourself. While those who own fitness trackers may swear by their motivating powers, just how accurate are they? It’s All in …

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7 White Foods You Don’t Have to Avoid

Foods You Don't Have to Avoid

You have probably been bombarded with the advice to strictly avoid all white foods. For the most part, when people say white foods are bad for you, they are referring to foods that are white and are heavily processed and refined — think anything made from white flour or white …

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The Key Benefits of Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga

Nude yoga may just seem like a trendy form of fitness practiced by the beautiful celebrity bodies of the world, but it’s anything but. Going nude may just be what your current yoga practice is lacking if you’re looking to further the mind-body connection, or just want to move more …

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TAURINE-Next Super Supplement for Bodybuilding?


Does the name Taurine sound familiar? Well, yes, if you are someone who drinks Red Bull frequently and have actually cared to check the ingredients. For those who haven’t, you can check out the word “Taurine” written in a stylish font at the back of the can. There`s a reason …

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The Best Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet For Skinny Guys

Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet

Are you a vegetarian who was made to believe that it is impossible to pack on muscle on a vegetarian diet? Is it really mandatory to consume typical bodybuilding foods like chicken breast, eggs and fish to build tons of muscle? Well, the answer is a logical no! While a …

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Injured Shoulders Spoiling Your Workouts?

Injured Shoulders

There are certain muscle groups that are more prone to injuries then the others. Even small injuries in these muscle groups can lead to extended and unwanted bed time. Without any discrimination and not in any particular order, these parts are your shoulder joints, lower back and the knee joints. …

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Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse review and features

Xiaomi Mi

The Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse, the Chinese manufacturer’s new heart rate monitoring fitness band, is ludicrously cheap. It can be picked up in China for next to the price of the original Mi Band at 99 Yuan and is on sale in Xiaomi’sglobal store for the slightly higher sum of …

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